Let Go of Stress Using Your Therapeutic Tremor With Nkem Ndefo


Do you feel overworked and stressed out?

Do you know you can release some of that tension just be shaking it off?

Learn to let go of stress just by shaking it off!  Nkem Ndefo taught me how to activate my “therapeutic tremor” by teaching me about TRE, which stands for Tension Release Exercise.

It’s amazing! Check out the video below of myself getting my shake on using TRE.

Nkem is a former nurse-midwife who started her career in public health working with the disadvantaged. She describes her career as a journey to solve the problem of chronic stress and trauma for us all. That’s a huge goal!

She’s taking on this enormous challenge by transforming her solo TRE practice into a scalable business to offer training, education and support to both individuals and organizations.

In our conversation she offers the following lessons:

  • What exactly TRE is and how it works.
  • Her process for building a scalable business.
  • How she values and prices her services.

Life Skills That Matter In This Episode

  •  Self-awareness.
  • Listening to the needs of your body.
  • Learning new skills.

How Nkem Works and Thinks

  • Wake up time: 6am
  • Core work habits: 1) Connecting with people. 2) Reconnecting with people. 3) Self-care.
  • Ideal work environment: Having a variety of work. Not doing the same thing all day long.
  • Superpower: Regenerate.
  • Wants to meet: A marketing and communications professional.
  • Regains focus by: Activating her “therapeutic tremor”.
  • Peak performance period: 5pm to 8pm.
  • Unproductive habit: Wants to be more disciplined about using her time and taking breaks.
  • 90-day goal: Creating and implementing a marketing strategy.

Inspirational Quotes

“When we all take care of ourselves, then we are our best selves.”

“Resilience is not about always pushing, it’s knowing when you need to stop and recharge.

“I didn’t like working in organizations that were dysfunctional, so I decided I could build my own.”

Coaching Advice

We all struggle with how to value ourselves, especially how to price our products and services. Nkem offers this sound advice:

1) First ask yourself, “Do you have a hard time receiving?”. If you do, then you are undervaluing yourself. Try repeating this mantra each morning, “Every day it gets a little easier to receive.”

2) Research services/products similar to yours. Assess how you are similar and how you are different from your competitors.

As you delve into their pricing, ask yourself, “Are these prices based on healthy or unhealthy economies?” Basically, are they making a healthy profit or just making it by?

If you modeling yourself after an unhealthy economy, you will also just be getting by instead of seeking ways to increase your value. Beware of models you choose to emulate and the results they produce!

Here’s a quick video of me practicing my own version of TRE:

What is TRE?

Interview with Nkem on UnStuckable

Source: Life Skills that Matter