The Scottish Government has called an independent review of the Care system in Scotland. The Review has been going on for nearly two years now, but the focus has been on the inside of the system and what it is like for children. PAR has engaged with the Review and had a very good hearing from Fiona Duncan, the independent chair, who has gone out of her way to meet with us and with other parents who contacted her. But we have pointed to the lack of voice for parents and families in the main work of the review.

There is little if any mention of parents on the Care Review and of why children come into care or are kept in care long after any crisis is over. So the good news is that the Care Review has agreed to host an event for parents in September and has asked PAR to help organise it. We will be putting out a call to all groups representing parents with children in care and of children who have been adopted against parents wishes.

If you or your group if you are in a parent led group would like to be involved in this, we want to hear from you and to include you in planning.

Please contact us on “” or on our public facebook page (par parents advocacy and rights)

Listen to Woman’s Hour today (27 July) which has a good item on Mothers Apart from their Children: mothers talking about the pain of being apart from children, and the lack of support from social work for keeping and regaining care

Rise’s new video on parents’ experiences with caseworkers

Rise’s new video on parents’ experiences with caseworkers will be used to train 7,000 child welfare staff in NYC

Source: Rise Magazine Facebook Page

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Podcast: Interview with Nkem Ndefo on TRE (Trauma and Stress Realise Exercise

Let Go of Stress Using Your Therapeutic Tremor With Nkem Ndefo


Do you feel overworked and stressed out?

Do you know you can release some of that tension just be shaking it off?

Learn to let go of stress just by shaking it off!  Nkem Ndefo taught me how to activate my “therapeutic tremor” by teaching me about TRE, which stands for Tension Release Exercise.

It’s amazing! Check out the video below of myself getting my shake on using TRE.

Nkem is a former nurse-midwife who started her career in public health working with the disadvantaged. She describes her career as a journey to solve the problem of chronic stress and trauma for us all. That’s a huge goal!

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20 things you only know if you have PTSD

By By
(Picture: Ella Byworth for

Those who are presented with the term post-traumatic stress disorder – or PTSD – will often think of shellshocked soldiers, traumatised by events they went through on the battlefield.
This is certainly a common cause of the condition and one that’s currently being acted out in Australian soap Home And Away.

However, it’s not just people who have been at war who suffer the condition.

Those who have been sexually abused, gone through domestic violence, experienced neglect as a child, had a near-death situation or just seen something they found terrifying can begin experiencing elements of PTSD.

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Care Review in Scotland wants to hear from parents and families about care

First Minister announces ‘root and branch’ review

First minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced this ‘root and branch’ review of the care system so that we can get it right for the most vulnerable children and young people in Scotland.

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